Projects in Universal Design for Learning

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Projects from T-560:
Individual Differences in Form and Content

I) Some notable examples of diversity in media, content, and design

Autism, by Jeremy Stynes:

Down's Syndrome, by Christopher Bennett:

William's Syndrome, by Carol Bennett Dessureau:

Face Blindness, by Roy Quinto:

Aphasia, by Bryce Myers:

Dyscalculia by Vinita Ahuja:

Lessons on the Learning Brain by Joanna Christodoulou:

II) Some notable examples for learning about individual differences:

Autism, by Allison Freedman:

Blindness by Matthias Faeth:

Dylexia, by Margaret Pierce:

Dyslexia, by Liz Zachary:

Non-verbal Learning Disabilities:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, by Linda Abarbenall:

Obessive Compulsive Disorder, by Jeff Snyder:

Cross-linguistic Dyslexia by Johanna Haas:

III) Some notable examples of Curricular Projects:

ADHD by Scott Barksdale:

Autism by Charlotte DiStefano:

Cogntive Disabilities - Down's Syndrome by Connie Chung:

Cognitive Disabilities - Down Syndrome by Tara Trent:

Deafness by Lori Kane:

Deafness by Carolina Perez:

Deaf in math and science lesson by Christina Hinton:

Asperger's syndrome by Carlo Cerruti: Writing:

English Language learners in Podcasting by Johanna Haas:

Cognitive Disabilities: Fragile-X:

Physical disabilities by Shannon McCarthy:

Schizophrenia, by Maeve Ryan: